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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My first day of freedom

Yesterday was my first day of freedom as it was the first day both (older) boys were in school. Since it was Wolfie's first day of kindergarten, the walk to school was a family affair. Timmy and I got to meet his teacher, Mrs. White, who looks just like you'd imagine a kindergarten teacher should look like: pretty, older, blonde, sweet.

Wolfie's teachers aide is Mrs. Desousa, who I vaguely knew from church years ago. Ironicly, you could say that Wolfie exists because of her. If you read my journal from around when he was conceived you would find statements like: "I'm not ready for another one yet" and "I think we should wait a little more before we have another baby". Then I was assigned to bring her dinner through the meals ministry because she just had a baby girl. I got to hold the baby and... well... the rest is history.

So it's my big first day of freedom. But I blew it! When I got home I put in a load of laundry and read a few minutes of my Bible. Then the school nurse called to ask me to bring in a change of clothes because Wolfie spilled milk all over himself. She could have been a little more tactful about the way she said it though. She called me and said, "Mrs. Sao? This is the school nurse. Wolfie had a little accident." HELLO! That's not how you introduce yourself to a mother! I'm imagining large amounts of blood.

Ok, back to the part where I blow my first day of freedom. So I get home from changing Wolfie's clothes. By now Dimitri is very tired, so I lay with him to breastfeed him and put him to sleep, and when I wake up it was time to get the kids from school!!! Ha Ha. I still need to get used to this schedule. Better luck today I hope.


  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    Ohhh life is so hard. Milk spills and hurricanes. ;-D

    Maybe a nice nap was just what the doctor ordered.


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