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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I've been watching all the coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I am angry. I am furious at the slow response to the crisis. WHY is it taking so long to respond to these people??? Heads need to roll! I'm talking about heads at FEMA, Red Cross, government relief agencies. They were obviously not prepared for a worst case scenario.

Before the hurricane struck my husband was intently watching the news coverage of it. It was eerie the way he sensed the impending doom. I kept teasing him: "why do you care so much about a dumb storm?" But he saw it coming. And he was right. It was worse than even he could imagine.

We have a big empty room on the first floor that we were going to rent out. Our intended renter had to back out. So it's been empty for a few weeks and we've been unable to decide if we should rent it or use it. So it has housed our bunny. We joke that the bunny has the biggest room in the house. Anyway, I've been thinking that we should put up a displaced family in the room. I mentioned it to my husband and he said he had thought of that and decided no. I was surprised that he thought of it first. Anyway, I'll have to talk to him later to find out his thoughts. If I can't convince him otherwise, I guess I'll have to submit to his decision. But I think it would be our Christian duty to step up to the plate at this time. I don't know how we would connect with a needy family. Obviously the relief effort isn't coordinated well. I don't trust the organizations to put out a call for homes. I almost think we may have to find a connection ourselves. We will see.


  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    Timmy, and his extended family, know ALL ABOUT typhoons and hurricanes and devastation. Even if not in their own generation, SE Asia is legendary in recurring devastation due to ocean storms. And Timmy and his extended family know all about fleeing horrible situations and depending on the kindness of strangers.

    Timmy's now the head of a household. He knows all about carrying responsibility, and how hard it is. There has to be a way to reconcile the need to care for one's own responsibilities and to carry someone else's too. You guys have a big load already--it might be just a judgment call as to whether you *can* do any more, or offer the major help you want to. At least, considering the work of governments and institutions and groups sharing the burden.

    If there is a natural relationship, such as a cousin, that's stranded--kinship trumps government assistance, I think. The Asian community where you live know all about this sort of layering of levels of help.

    I feel like Timmy, it seems. Desperately interested, want to help in tangible ways with real people-connections, but feeling limited.


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