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Friday, August 26, 2005

The job is going well

I spent the week in training. I haven't actually moved boxes this week like I was expecting to, which is very frustrating because I've cut the gym from my schedule. I really rely on my workouts to destress and clear my mind. So I'm feeling a bit bottled up. Tonight if I don't get a chance to work hard I'll just explode.

You can study for a dollar raise by memorizing a bunch of zip-codes and cities to be a sorter. I got the paperwork for it and memorized it in record time. (One day!)I'm doing Maine. I used association memory tricks for it. For example, one of the destinations is "Waterville, Maine". So I picture a water park with a big water slide for that one. Some of the cities that go to that truck are:
Hallowell Maine. That city name reminds me of "Halloween". So I picture a person in a Halloween costume going down the water slide. Another town that goes in that truck is "Mt. Vernon". I know that Mt. Vernon is the name of George Washington's home. So I picture George Washington at the top of the slide leaning over looking for his wooden teeth which have dropped out of his mouth. You see the funnier the picture, the better it works.

Another truck destination is "Pesque Isle Maine". The abbreviation for that is "PIS ME". For this I imagine a WWF wrestler saying "Don't PISS ME off!" All of the towns with a zip code starting with 047 go into this shipment. So I think - if I mess with this wrestler I'll die and go to heaven. Heaven rhymes with 7, which is how I know the zip code.

After a while the associations will fade, but the memorization will stick. Especially with the repetitive nature of this job. I'm thinking I could tutor people who want to learn too. I know some of the men struggle with learning.

I'm starting to come out of my shell. It's a very noisy atmosphere so you have to be loud just to be heard in this place. My flamboyant self is coming out. It's kind of fun. I'm starting to learn people's names, so that I can call out: "Hey, Juan!" or "What's up, Daniel?" The adult contact is very nice after being home with the kids the past few years.

I could become a manager in a few months (weeks?). I like the idea of more pay. And what a resume builder. I'll be paying attention to what they do and if I think I could do it.

As for our family, and the kids: this change has been one of the best things that ever happened to us. After years of staunchly defending stay at home moms (I still do) I am very surprised by all the good that has come of it. Really it comes down to: my husband becoming engaged in our family for the first time ever. Of course he's always loved us but we were always "something on the side" that he would squeeze into his schedule on a rare occasion. Now he has to be home every night by 5:30. Come September I'll be taking a college lab too and he'll actually have to pick the kids up from school on Thursdays and stay with them all night. The kids needed more of his attention. I needed a regular break from the house. He needed to get more plugged in. This job accomplished all that. Of course I'll have to take some time off from procreating. But our finances really couldn't have handled another one at this time.


  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger Wonderwoman said…

    Love your memorization techniques!:) I took a class on different methods of memorizing things and your on the money...You would make a great teacher of a class like that... :) Have fun tonight and I hope you are able to get your hands on some boxes tonight!

  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger Bruce said…

    The memory tricks! Great.

    I remember reading an article--long, long ago--by a woman who was doing a lot of the fashionably right things to do, sort of politically correct. Of course that takes sacrifice. Quality time, no junk food, etc. She posed the problem of her friends who do everything wrong and their kids still turn out great. ...It almost seems like you have to raise your kids by faith. Next thing you know, we'll have to do *everything* by faith!

    Sorry about the strep throat, and it's good to hear about Timmy getting emotional about dropping off the boy. It can be good for our pride to be in new situations where we aren't all in control. (Not that I wish anyone trouble, but it's good to bite the bullet sometimes.)

    About the difficulty on starting the job, with the strep and all. I remember it happening so often that I decided that this dynamic must be a spiritual law of the universe: every time I started a new job or took a major new initiative, everything went wrong. When I was about ten? I started a paper route, and the first day was a snow storm. I hid the papers under my bed. The route manager tracked me down after school and I went around and delivered the morning paper at dinner time. Things like that have happened through life. Being sick the first day, missing the starting time, offending important people by silly misunderstandings, and so on.


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