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Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm in!

I got the job at UPS and I started training today. It's going to be a much better situation for me than the personal training job. We desperately need the health benefits. It's going to pay for my college. Plus everything else... the hours are right, the physical labor means I can cut the gym from my schedule. It's all good.

So training went well tonight. I came in as a "stand by" and they ended up needing one, so I got to stay and they sent the other stand by home. Thank the Lord for that too, because I was really nervous about getting the tuition waiver before classes start in September and I'm in now, so it's all set.

I'm still in awe of the setting. It's so dirty and rough and romantic. Ha ha. I know I sound silly. My husband warned me as I left not to sound too excited or everyone will think I'm crazy. I'm glad I get the chance to work at a low paying, blue collar job for a little bit. Everyone needs an experience like that under their belt.

I saw an old guy working there, maybe 60 years old. He was in such good shape. He had big muscles and no body fat. I was so impressed.

At the training they talked about eating healthy and the video specifically said to eat carbs. Our teacher said that when the Atkins diet was at it's peak people were fainting left and right. Ha ha. What retards going to a job like that without eating any carbs. :)

There were four other guys in my class and a lesbian. Me and her were the only ones answering the questions in class. We're on the same "team" for the training. We're the "Patriots". Well, it's all fun and games for now. I'll check back with you in a month and tell you how miserable I am.


  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Beth said…

    Deena!! Loved your blog entry!!!

    I was WAITING to see what happened and I'm PSYCHED for you that you got in and are starting!! How exciting. Not to mention a funny blog. Liked it.

    Good luck on it all, but it sounds like you have as much enthusiasm to maintain exhuberation for a while, as always. Love your enthusiasm!! Go girl!! You'll cream the rest of the unenthused workers, with your productiveness, or perhaps your enthusiasm will just be contagious and passed on.

    Although, I think what Timmy said was right: Don't act too enhused (hide it a little) - they will think you're crazy. HA HA!! Although, I bet none of them will get the joy out of working and getting a break, but some physcial labor too, out of it, as much as you will. I think it's really a much needed outlet for you at this time too, in many ways.

    CONRGATS!!! I'm excited for you.

    beth :)


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