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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My best friend and I have been breaking out like crazy lately. We joke about wearing "burkes for Jesus". Ha ha. Or a veil. We're not really sure what's triggering it other than maybe the hot weather. (More sweat, oil). Anyway, it's been nice having her to commiserate with. We're both way too old for this. We've tried a lot of remedies including really serious stuff. We joke that by the time we grow out of the pimples we'll have wrinkles. (Not cool). I wish I had had someone like her to talk to about it back in high school. It's not so bad, knowing that someone else is going through it too. Back in those days I was really shy about the subject (what adolescent isn't?) Now, I don't really care. I guess that's a part of growing up. I never got help for my skin back then. Now that I'm an adult I'm really pro-active. I get prescriptions from my doctor. I also found that eating sugar triggers break outs for me. Did that stop me from eating cinni-sticks with my kids today? No. But at least I think twice about it.

So that is my post. I sympathize with all you other acne sufferers out there. And maybe you can sympathize with me. This will be my only post this week because I'm going on vacation til Sunday to a church retreat. It should be very relaxing and a chance to spend some time with my husband who works long hours usually. I'll report back first thing on Monday. :)


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