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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stolen? Or misplaced?

My friend recently lost her wallet. She thought it was stolen out of her purse which was in her parked car on my street. Thankfully she found the wallet a few days later. When she first told me about the missing wallet my gut instinct was that it was not stolen. I was a little offended that she automatically assumed it was, just because I live in the city.

I am guilty of that same assumption myself. Maybe that is why I am not quick to judge. I went to an inner city high school and was on the softball team. One day in practice I couldn't find my mit. I looked high and low for it. I just had it and then it was gone. There was a black girl holding an identical mit. I asked her if it was hers. She said it was. Thankfully I didn't accuse her of stealing it, but I did ask her twice. Embarrassingly, I found the mit a few minutes later (under a shirt).

At my wedding one of my out of state friends misplaced her cell phone and came to me, upset that maybe one of my guests stole it. Of course, she found it a little later.

The book of Proverbs says to guard your reputation because it is valuable. I understand that people wouldn't assume something were stolen if they didn't have reason to believe it could be. HOWEVER, in these three incidents, nobody's reputation was on the line here - only a stereotype about a people group or a culture. So I say: End the stereotyping. If something is lost, be slow to accuse people.



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