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Monday, July 11, 2005


We threw a big "housewarming" party this Saturday. "Housewarming" sounds so tame. Really it was a celebration. A feast. We bought a hundred pound pig and had a pig roast! When they carried it in the night before it looked like a dead body because it's the same size and weight. I know that sounds gross. It was fascinating. It tasted good. It roasted on a rotissary all day and in the evening everyone took to it with forks and knives. There was lots of other good food too. Lots and lots of friends and family came. It was a blast.

The week before we had an impromptu barbeque with some of the relatives. It ended with a fight between my husband and his brother in law who was trying to drive home drunk. My husband didn't let him, but I was horrified that it came to blows in the end. If my church friends had been there I would have just died. After that I didn't really want to throw the housewarming party, but Timmy insisted and I'm glad he did because it was fabulous. It was probably good we had that barbeque last week. It was like a dress rehearsal. We didn't make the same mistakes twice. And of course my brother in law didn't come back.

Oh and the neighbors were looking out the window watching the fight. They must think we're horrible new neighbors. I like what my friend said about that "Well, their opinion of you can only go up from here."


  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Bruce said…

    As I like to say, "only use your powers for good and never for evil." If Timmy is going to fight, by golly, it's good to fight to stop a drunk driver!

    Way to go, Timmy. (Sorry about the family problems that causes.)


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