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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No electricity last night

We had a little adventure last night when the electricity went out and stayed off for most of the night. We ate dinner by candle light. That was nice. Every once in a while we heard a neighbor in a family fight run by and we'd go to see what was happening and they would disappear.

After dinner we didn't bother cleaning up because we couldn't really see anything. Wolfie fell asleep. The rest of us trooped to the bathroom together and took turns taking showers and brushing our teeth.

Timmy almost killed our gerbils who had gotten out of their cage. We think our cat knocked the cage over. So there we were in the dark, chasing our two gerbils around the livingroom with our one flashlight. That was an adventure. Thank goodness the cat didn't eat them first. (For those of you who don't know: We have a cat, two gerbils and a rabbit. As soon as we bought the house my inlaws gave us their unwanted gerbils and rabbit. So I guess we're officially animal lovers.)

Then we treked upstairs to go to bed because there wasn't anything else to do. It's the earliest we've ever gone to sleep. 11:00. Yes, we're night owls. Dimitri was loving all the attention he was getting (no TV to compete with so he was the star) and also, he wasn't tired as we usually don't go to bed until at least midnight. So he was difficult to calm down.

I read a book to get us to sleep. My husband, who ALWAYS does this when I read, fell asleep almost immediately. I think it's hilarious. This is why he dropped out of school and falls asleep in church. When he has to take courses for his work he often has to stand in the back of the class to keep from falling asleep. Isn't that funny?

Then there was the issue of the heat/humidity. It was one of the hottest nights ever. I cannot sleep in heat. I don't tolerate it well. (I'm OK with cold). So with no A/C we were pretty darn miserable. I fanned the baby and my husband a little. I slept fitfully until the electricity came back on hours later.

It was fun though. I kept thinking that if we didn't have electricity we would go to bed something like six hours earlier.

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