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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Hippy friends

I am so excited because today I met some new friends. I met them at the park and they are hippys and I figure I have a whole lot more in common with them than the average person, whether or not they are a Christian.

My one year old walked up to them and started playing with their stuff and so we started talking and they were super friendly. They said they were an informal homeschool group that meets every Tuesday for some fun. There was a young girl just my age that I am particularly interested to get to know. She's beautiful. She's got a boy Brandon's age and she's pregnant.

My first impression of them was of course how different they looked in their long flowing skirts and kinky twisted hair -as if they were black- only they aren't so I'm very curious how they acheive that hairstyle. Most notably they had unshaved arm pits. Tee hee. And one lady - I think she was from out of town - had a cowboy hat on. Ha ha.

We talked about baby slings. I lamented never having had one. They said it wasn't too late. They inspired me to drop by my mother in law's house to borrow hers, which I did and we love it.

They offered my baby a cookie but he just kept crying and we couldn't figure out why until finally we gave him a blue berry and he was happy. I said "I must have done something right" and they said how he wasn't yet spoiled by the world.

I gave the young girl my number and email address. I hope to see them again someday.


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