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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Joys of Homeschooling

This is the time of year when people all around the country are seriously considering homeschooling for the first time. It's a bittersweet time of year for me since I'll be sending my kids back to school after homeschooling them for two years. That time flew. I know that I may do it again someday, but for now this is the right choice for me.

My kids and I found a book we wrote together during homeschool. It had pictures of the boys doing regular daily activities. As we looked through the pictures it brought wonderful memories to my mind.

I remember all the time we spent together in that cramped little apartment... in the fall playing outside, in the winter stuck inside; but always together. And that's really the most special thing about homeschooling. You bond with your children to the Nth degree. I remember reading to them, cooking for them, playing board games with them, singing the books of the Bible together every day at devotions, field trips to The Butterfly Place, the chocolate factory.

I'll cherish the memory of reading books together... wonderful books like Eragon, A Single Shard, The Whipping Boy, Farmer Boy, Ping, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Dr. Doolittle.

I won't forget our foray's into piano lessons, quilt making, pottery, and other areas that were completely foreign to us. As well as the subjects we passionately love and pursued: football, basketball, baseball.

As I write this I see that it doesn't have to end here. And it won't. But there is something magical about those hours between 8:00 and 3:00 when the world goes off to do it's busy-ness. The neighborhood grows quiet. It's just you and your children learning something new about the world and about each other.

So if you're considering homeschooling, let me assure you, it's a leap you won't regret.

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