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Friday, July 22, 2005

Fertility Treatment News

There has been a major development in fertility treatment. Egg freezing techniques are now a viable option for women. Sperm and embryos have been used frozen for a long time, but until recently, eggs were nearly impossible to freeze because of the high water content which crystalizes and destroys the egg when frozen. The significance of this advance is that women can now freeze their eggs until "Mr. Right" comes along. Also, women with cancer can freeze eggs before the chemotherapy or radiation treatment destroys them. It levels the playing field between men and women because they can both climb the corporate latter without worrying about their biological clock.

However, I am saddened that this now gives women one more excuse to delay motherhood, which is the highest calling on a woman's life. It also gives one more excuse to men to put off supporting the woman in their life becoming a mother. God obviously meant us to have babies before 50, since our fertility peaks at 24. Our younger bodies can better handle the physical stress of child bearing and child rearing! Not to mention the family bonds between generations that are so important. You lose these interactions when entire generations (read: grandparents) have died off.

Also, whether or not this is viable for every woman, subconsciously it plays into women's decision making. "Oh, I can put off kids for a little more. There are so many advances in fertility. I'll be able to have one when the time is right". Then she goes to the clinic at 39, looking for help and her options are few and far between. Women need to be taught the facts at a very young age. As I've said before, they need to be taught the signs of ovulation, how their cycle works. They also need to know that fertility goes downhill after 24 and really nose dives after 35. No matter if you're in good shape, eat right, take care of yourself. Your eggs quality depends mostly on your age and your personal biological clock, which can vary. (If you want to know how long yours is, your best bet is to ask your nearest female relatives when they went through menopause - then subtract ten years from that number and that's a ball park figure for the latest you can get pregnant). It's true that taking care of yourself will enable you to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. But taking care of yourself will not legnthen the life-span of your fertility.

So all you ladies out there, make informed decisions. Be true to yourself!


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