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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Buying our first house

So we did it. We bought our first house. Here are some highlights:

At the closing my husband was surprised by a whole bunch of unexpected closing costs. I wasn't as surprised, because there is such a stereotype of that happening. The lawyer probably thought we would just sign away; but my husband deals with contractors for his job so he is used to knit picking numbers. So Timmy (my husband) gave him a real hard time - made him go find a calculator and everything. It was funny.

So all the hundreds of papers are finally signed. We get the keys and we are officially home owners. But you know what felt even better then that moment? It was when I went down to the housing authority to get off section 8 (housing). Because we've been weaning ourselves off government assistance since Timmy came out of jail... first I got off welfare, food stamps, WIC; then we got off Mass Health and the phone discount. The last one - the big one was the housing voucher. So when we walked in and said "we came to get off section 8" and the lady was like "get off section 8?" and we said "yes". That felt so good.

So then we're at the new house, moving in all our stuff. All our friends are there helping us. I'm an athletic person so I like to work hard, but I wasn't able to help much because of Dimitri (our 1 year old). So I did more watching then helping.

At one point I noticed our champagne bottle sitting out, open and empty. I asked Timmy what happened to our champagne and he said his dad drank it. Ha Ha. And he did. And he was smoking a cigar too. We laughed about it. I thought it was kind of cute. "He's celebrating for us." Timmy said. My father in law is older. He doesn't speak much English. He doesn't own a home and maybe never will (he lives with his daughter). He does hard manual labor, but that can't go on much longer. He may not ever taste success himself, so the most he can hope for is for his son to be successful and so I think our buying a house was as sweet to him as it was to us.


  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    That is so neat, that is so cool.

    Lots of love, lots of congratulations.


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