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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Nursing Shortage

I did a 7th grade report about the Nursing Shortage in the US. I don't think I wrote much more than the fact that there is one. Now that I'm entrenched in this subject again I have come to a better conclusion about it.

As I look at my options in pursuing this career I am dismayed to find that the local LPN school is booked through next year, the local community college RN program is booked through the next two years and the local University BSN program is booked this year and it's difficult to get in next year too. In fact, each admissions offiice has told me that they have long lists of qualified candidates interested in future programs. This is an atrocity! There is still a nursing shortage and yet qualified candidates are being turned away from programs. According to the woman at Middlesex Community College, the same is true at all the other community colleges in the area.

I've also discovered that the government recently passed a bill funding advertising to encourage people to become nurses in response to the nursing shortage. You can see where I'm going with this... our taxes would be much better spent funding more nursing programs then advertising!!

As a conservative I always hesitate to endorse a new outlet for legislature spending, but I am all for preventative programs that work like WIC and Job Corp. I definitely think that nursing programs would be a good investment for government money. I am sure that it would pay for itself in the long run.

If you're wondering why I don't persue one of the progams listed in the advertising section of my blog (to the right) the answer is that all of those (online) programs are only for LPN's/RN's interested in advancing their degree's. The "hands-on" nursing classes are the ones that are in demand. The same is true for the local schools. According to University of Massachusetts admissions, if you want to enter the nursing program and you already have you're RN (associates) degree you'll have no problem getting a slot because you only need some non-nursing courses to get your bachelor's. There's plenty of room in the non-nursing classes.



  • At 5:04 PM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    I went to school for 2 years to get my pre-req's for the RN program in CA only to find out that I was on a 2 year waiting list. So, it was off to an LVN program. It was 52 weeks of intensive study, from which you got what you put in. We lost half of our class by the third term.

    Nursing programs are hard to get into and hard to finish. It's easy to go from LVN/LPN to RN because the second year of an RN program isn't nearly as full as the first.

    Just keep trying. Nursing needs dedicated people, BADLY! Despite the difficulty getting into programs, the nursing shortage is very real. Many hospitals are paying thousands of dollars just to get you to sign on with them if you're an RN. When my kids are a bit older, I'm definitely going to go on.


    Anne Basso LPN


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