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Thursday, May 26, 2005


I read an article today indicating that Mitt Romney is moving to the right on abortion. I am so excited about this because I had been concerned about that. The way I see it; the 2008 election is shaping up to be Romney Vs. Clinton (Hillary of course). I am spoiled by "W." in that our views match so closely. It seems like the country is more and more feeling this way too; so why should we compromise on the issue of abortion? But I'd have to compromise if my option is Hillary. But now, as I said, Romney is coming around on abortion and this of course is a very very smart thing to do. In today's day and age, the last thing you want to do as a politician is come across as a liberal on moral issues.

Does it bother me that he just "changes his mind" when it's convenient? Of course. But I'm not naive about politics. It's all about compromises. Reagan and George H. W. Bush both changed their minds before being elected President.

Mass Citizens for Life and The Family Research Council (Two groups I greatly admire) are both much less impressed then I am. Tom McClusky of The Family Research Council says "For a lot of people, especially Christian conservatives, it's one of those black and white issues. You're either pro life or not. That's the trouble with Governor Romney - he's gray." I agree that abortion is black and white; but politics is not. The key to success in politics is incrementalism. Now, that usually refers to policy not personal opinion, but in this case I'll take that too.



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