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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More about cooking

I just wanted to add a thing or two. First of all, if you haven't yet seen "Super size Me" you should. It's a great documentary about the obesity epidemic.

Secondly, I was remembering with my single mom friend what it was like when I was a single mom. It's really difficult to cook balanced meals when you're only cooking for yourself and small children. They have such small appetites and are so picky - you make a big meal and end up having to throw most of it away. So after a while you just don't cook so much. You rely on the chicken nugget/mac and cheese staples. But when I'm cooking for my husband too, the kids see him eating and then it seems to be OK to try it.

I guess my point is that home-cooking can be another innocent victim in the breakdown of the family. But as I was trying to say in my previous blog, home cooking is so important to home life. What a vicious cycle!



  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger lisa said…

    Have you heard of ask Alice.
    Well don't worry about what you can do with the rest of your life.
    Because now we have lets ask Deena.
    She seems to be an expert from everything to birth control. too Breast feeding and womens rights and climbing out of windows in nightys. Plus now she seems to be into cooking.
    Well folks as far as breast feeding go's I think if a women feels right about doing it.
    Then she should. But only for the first six to nine months of a childs life. after that they have teeth and can eat a lot of good food. that is good for there little growing bodys.
    And yes Wic provides good things for children and those who do have a problem with lactose.
    All you have to do is ask the worker not Deena. I think if this women spent more time cooking and cleaning her house. She would not have time to sit there and down other people on line for the choices they make with there children. and there Bodys.
    The way to be a good house wife is to just do the best you can.
    Cooking is a art not a chore.
    This women sounds to have a answer for everything. you must of heard of her a jack of all trades master at none.
    Her husband is more then likely sitting in a gay bar right now.
    But who would blame him with someone who spends her day writing storys on the internet.
    Maybe she should take her own advise and do something with her life. instead of downing other people about birth control and womens rights among other things.
    Maybe some women like to work and don't want to have children and over populate the earth more then it is now.
    Some women choice to go to college.
    Become a Dr.or Lawyer or just do whats in there heart. That is why women have faught for equal rights.
    Not just to have children. Because there is more to it then just having babys. you got to be able to support them as well.
    So don't ask Deena do whats in your heart and what is right for you and your body and soul.


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger sunshine said…

    Hi BUDDY,

    I've heard of Ask Alice. People wrote Alice when they had problems they wanted an opinion from an editor and journalist on. Alice had her advice and her opinions, mostly distributed for ratings and people's interest levels.

    I've also heard of Deena. She writes, like most of us - who enjoy writing - as a source of relief and yes, to state her own opinion and feelings on various topics in life. This is her life. She's not afraid to share her standards, beliefs, and viewpoints on the struggles, trials, societal downfalls and even humors of day to day life. She's courageously overcome far more battles than any person who sat through endless hours at college, seen far more satisfaction in not only BEING a mom (something, it sounds like - BUDDY - you would have no comprehension or appreciation of) but learning how to support her THREE children [sing-handedly and also with the help of her loving husband who helps provide for her and her children - like a real man SHOULD], and not only overcoming the obstacles and difficulties of raising children in our society (which is slowly spiraling out of control), but SIMULTANEOUSLY learning to track the value of her lessons learned, joys loved in raising her children and appreciation it all has brought her to value what it is that she holds so dear - that is uniquely different to what is commonly found in today's family. Not only can she enjoy the value of all her lessons learned, her trials lived, her obstacles overcome, and her viewpoints accomplished and profoundly discovered in what we so rarely accept as acceptable anymore, but she recently has also learned how to put time toward herself as well and develop her gift for writing and expressing herself. Alice may have answered people's questions mailed into her. Blogging or journaling online, is one's unique expression of their own feelings. We all have them. Deena does an amazing job expressing her opinions on obvious topics you've never faced, accomplished or experienced.... so why judge, critique or condemn anyone on something you haven't even lived through. If it brings you mundane pleasure, then why not ask Alice, why that is....

    As for Deena, she is an amazing mom, with an inept ability to raise three children (and has home schooled them before), she has the experience of the work life to compare the two, she has a loving family who supports her, she has a loving and devoted husband who supports and provides for her and her children. It sounds like she has so much more to be thankful for than you would understand, and that is why she is one of the happiest people I know. She amazes me. She juggles it all, and she also is a healthy, active and just person.

    You said: "Maybe she should take her own advise and do something with her life." This woman has done just that, and so much more. She has so many accomplishments, experiences and joys under her belt, that she has the right and even the luxury of evaluating her life and her view of the world around us HOWEVER she would like to view it. Good for Deena.

    Oh, and Buddy, if you want to become a doctor or a lawyer, you probably should go for it! Yes, everyone she be the most they should be, after all you have the personality of a doctor or lawyer, although your arguments lack the fighting capability I’d choose to win a case for me.... but to each his own. And to the "Maybe some women like to work and don't want to have children and over populate the earth more then it is now.".... the exact reason I encourage you to your profession instead. Spare your kids (that would have been) and the rest of us, will ya?

    Thanks for your awesome Blogs Deena! We love them!

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger lisa said…

    No you are right I don't know Deena.
    But then again I don't really care or want to know her.
    I'm not saying she is a bad person
    for what she wants to do with her life.
    But when you go around putting other people down for there belief's in birth control you must expect some criticizme.
    Not all woman can have children or want them.
    But that don't make them less of a women.
    Some women are born with bad ovaries or must have them removed.
    That don't make them less then a women.
    Some women get breast cancer.
    But that don't make them less of a woman.
    But don't sit there and tell other women that if you take birth control you can't be a true women.
    Or it's because you want to take care of crack baby's.
    Everyone has a right to choice there own destination in life.
    What maybe right for her may not be for others.
    Don't sit there and down wick and all the good they have done for the poor children of the world.
    She is lucky she has a husband who takes care of her and all the children she brings into the world.
    Because someday she could be one of those who have a hysterectomy and have to take a pill everyday to continue to feel like a women.
    I don't have a problem with what she wants for herself.
    But don't try to shove her belief's on others.
    Those who sit in judgement will be judged.

  • At 8:56 PM, Blogger Deena said…

    Hi Lisa,

    Nice of you to comment. It seems to me that you're stuck on the point of me putting people down because you keep rephrasing it over and over again. You say I should do better things with my time. You put me and my husband down. He had no interest in my blog, but thanks to you now he does. Just a little bit about him: he's a man of few words. I asked him for his opinion of you to make sure that it's not me. He's a real fair man and he'll tell it like it is. And from what he understands and I think it's a great point that, even though I'm writing all this negative stuff in your mind somehow you find the time to read it and comment on it. I started this blog for people who share my same interests and if I offended you I truly and deeply am sorry. Maybe you should go start with someone else because my other readers are not interested in reading disrespectful comments. In your mind, right now, if you read this far you're probably thinking: "who does this girl think she is?" Well I got an answer for you. I'm a happily married woman with three children and I am here because I want to communicate with other moms like me. There's billions of people out there, online, who would be willing to entertain your slams; but I'm not one of them. So please feel free to join my blog, agree or disagree; but let's show a little bit of respect. Name calling is one way of telling people how you were raised.


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