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Monday, May 16, 2005

If at first you don't succeed...

If at first you don't succeed... try try again.

That's my motto for parenting.

I once read this book, written by the parents of some huge number of children (maybe a dozen). The book had all these ideas on how to raise children. They were good ideas. One of them was for allowance: You build a little wooden peg and hole board so the kids can mark when they've done their chores. Then you sign a little slip of paper showing that you checked it and at the end of the week the kids can turn in their slips for money.

Anyway, I tried that for a little while. And it worked for a little while. Then it stopped working. So I tried a sticker chart and that worked for a little while. Sometimes we don't do a chart at all, but I still expect work from the kids.

My point is that, although it would be ideal if we could stick with one thing, like that family from the book, the more important thing is that we keep trying.


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