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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fertility Awareness

Sorry guys (and my #1 fan, Dad): This isn't a blog that would interest you...

Happy Mothers Day to all you other Mom's out there.

I've been really into fertility awareness ever since I read the book The Art of Natural Family Planning that my mom gave me. If you read my first blog you know that I don't beleive in birth control and this book helped me come to that conclusion. I highly recommend it and others like it.

I think that all girls should be taught the signs of fertility- (from their mothers not their schools!). Once you are aware of them you can't not know when you're ovulating. It also gives you an appreciation for the complexity and beauty of a woman's body. I won't go into too much details of the signs. You can learn them at other web sites (especially "Trying to Conceive" web sites -"TTC"). Basically the three signs of ovulation are mucus, raised/opened cervix, and then once ovulation is complete a rise in body temperature. I also have to add um... let's just say "turned on". I never was able to chart my temperature successfully. Maybe because the month I tried it I was sleeping with the window open. I gave up after that, but the other two signs are plenty for me.

Right now I'm in the unusual situation of breastfeeding an eleven month old and still waiting for the return of fertility. This is tricky because you can't rely on temperature readings and I've found that my cervix is also completely unreliable. That leaves one sign only, the mucus, which can be tricky to spot.

My friends know that I am very curious and observant, especially about medical things. If I weren't a mom I'd be an M.D. I'm always coming up with theories on stuff. One thing I observed several months ago by accident was that I went off my acne cream and my face stayed totally clear! I was esctatic, thinking that this could be the beginining of a new me. A while later I started breaking out again, just like the old me and I got excited again thinking that this could mean the return of my fertility. Two weeks after that I think I ovulated. Now the countdown is on to my first period - one week to go. We will see. (I'll keep you posted). I was a good girl and told my husband. Though I have to admit that first I did look up what the due date would have been if I would have forgotten to mention it to him. It would have been my middle son's birthday.

When I breastfed my last son (the five year old), I didn't get my period for TWO YEARS!. This is an extremely long wait. I didn't really mind then, but I've been thinking about it a lot as I impatiently wait for my first ovulation. One theory I came up with is that God didn't think I could handle a dozen kids so he is limiting my child bearing possibilities to one every three years. However, now that I am possibly ovulating eleven months into it, that blows that theory. So I was trying to think I why I would ovulate so much later last time (this is based on the assumption that I even have ovulated). I thought of something that I didn't consider before- perhaps I was underweight before. Because that coincides with the time in my life when I was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. I even went on a strict diet when I tried out for the NE Patriots cheerleading. I was eating tons of protein and even Creatine. Now this is interesting to me and encouraging, because my friend and I always talk about "the good old days" when we were thin. Our goal is to get back to that weight. Believe it or not, for me that is a hefty 138#. But that is on a 5'6" frame and a lot of muscle. However, with my new theory, that weight might just be an unhealthy goal.

I've actually maintained 146# very steadily the past six months and I'm beginning to think this is my ideal weight (for my body structure, plus breastfeeding and trying to conceive). If I were an athlete I'd cut it down, but I think any less would harm me. In fact, I also noticed my immune system depresses when I work out too hard. I've recently cut my workout from runing three miles down to run/walking three miles, three times a week.

Well that' all for my blabbing. Peace out. And if you're a woman who cannot tell if you are ovulating then don't put it off! Learn about your body now!

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