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Friday, May 13, 2005

Birth control Part II

My brother raised a good question of what the difference is between the diaphram verses "noticing symptoms" to avoid pregnancy. I thought I would clarify my point of veiw. First of all, as I stated in Part I, I don't have any huge moral problems with the diaphram (or condoms) and would use it if I felt I had to (for instance if I didn't want to get pregnant for medical reasons). So, I am not as strictly against birth control as others are.

My point of view is really based on two things:
#1 Being pro child
#2 Seeing the destruction that birth control leads to.

I won't go into too much detail on #1 here, but I believe that we are still called to: "go forth and multiply". The rewards of parenting are too good to miss out on and the sacrifice of parenthood is our ultimate calling. To go into more detail on #2 I would like to quote from The Art of Natural Family Planning p171
"The acceptance and rising use of contraception since the turn of the century has been followed by rising divorce rates, wife-swapping, increased frequency of nonmarital sex, and, most recently, huge increases in the number of abortions. The question that thinking people simply must ask themselselves is whether the rise in these other behaviors has been merely a historical coincidence or whether contraception has been a significant contributory cause to these other areas of sexual behavior."

In ancient times it was recognized that contraception was "cheating" the woman of her rightful pregnancy. I still think of it in terms of that and I think some other women do too even though no one talks of it that way. I'm sure most women haven't given it any thought because birth contro is so taken for granted.

I look at contraception as a slippery slope into sin... there is natural family planning, which is just observing nature as God created it and creating your family in that scope. Then there is the diaphram and condom, which prevents pregnancy in the same sort of way only more deliberately, less naturally. Then there is hormonal alterations like the pill or the patch. These are potentially harmful to a woman't body and her future chances of conceiving and I would not condone those. Then there is abortifacients like the IUD and morning after pill. These are unacceptable and finally abortion which is just plain murder.

Do I think I'm better then everybody because I don't use birth control? Absolutely not. Do I think everyone should stop using it? No. I can think of a number of really good reasons to use it: maybe you need the pill to control really bad acne. Maybe you're husband is abusive. Maybe you feel called to adopt crack babies instead of having your own. Maybe you have a 50% chance of conceiving a baby with a deadly disease. Those all seem reasonable to me. So, my point is really to take a second look at contraception. It is not the magic pill (pun intended) that we are led to believe. Just ask the 38 year old wife who is desperate to have a baby, only to be told by her doctor that she waited to long. There are millions of them out there.

So that is why I don't use birth control and whether you believe as I do or not, hopefully you've thought the subject through more thoroughly now.

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