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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

An amusing story

I thought I would take a break from some of these heavy subjects and share a most interesting adventure we had just yesterday...

We are currently renting a big beautiful house. For some reason my landlord put the door knob to my son's room in backwards so that instead of being locked out of the room you could be locked in. Well, on this evening my husband went out with my brother to celebrate his upcoming birthday. I was trying to put the kids to bed and my oldest son thought it was a fun game to run away from his mother. So I was wrestling him to bed when my middle child decided to carry the baby up from the livingroom and join us. Meanwhile, my oldest was about to run out of the room so I slammed the door shut to stop him.

Of course, it was locked. We were locked in. Uh, Oh. We shook the door. We stuck thin toys in the crack where the door knob is. We shook the door some more. We inspected the hinges. But it was pretty much hopeless. So we decided to make the most of it and just go to sleep. I thanked the Lord repeatedly for my second son bringing the baby into the room. If he were locked out I would have died. (Or more accurately I probably would have broken the door down). My husband was expected back late and then he was planning to go right to work. I figured we would be freed when he came home and checked on us. After all, I left all the lights on in the house, and I wouldn't be in bed. It would surely look suspicious.

So we fell asleep, though fitfully because unfortunately there were no blankets in the room. We wrapped ourselves in the bed sheets and again I thanked God that the baby was dressed warmly. I dreamt all night about trying to catch my husband before he left for work. I also threw all the clothes from the closet on us because it was getting quite chilly. I kept thinking that this must have been what it feels like in jail. I also thought about other people who had to stay in rooms like in the underground railroad or Jews hiding from the Nazi's. It's one thing to be in a closed room. It's a totally different thing to be in a locked closed room. It is terrorizing.

When I awoke in the morning we were horrified to discover that my husband's car was gone from the driveway! He had gone to work without checking on us! He could be gone all day! I tried to stay upbeat for the kid's sake. I turned on the radio and danced to warm up. They played an old favorite: Biz Markey's "Just a friend". The boys peed out the window, dribbling down the window sill. They also made a makeshift bathroom for me by putting a cup and a light in the closet (which I gladly used). "You said you would have a plan in the morning," my five year old said. And I did!

We would yell out for our neighbor to help us. I could see him in the distance. So on the count of three we all yelled, "BRUCE! HELP!" After a few attempts it was obvious that he couldn't hear us. So we gave up.

But then I had an even better plan! I would tie the sheets together and hang them out the window so I could climb down and escape! So I began tieing them together. We were all a little nervous. But I assured the kids that I couldn't die. The worst that could happen was a broken bone. We threw the pillows down on the pricker bushes below. As I tested the knots in the sheets I psyched myself up by saying it is just like Fear Factor. My eight year old chimed in "Yeah, but in Fear Factor they have safety nets."

So there I was in my thread bare nighty and no underware, shimmying down two green sheets tied together. When I reached the bottom I let go and dropped onto the pillows. It was a success! We were elated.

All the doors to the house were (of course) locked. I ripped open a screen and came in through a livingroom window. I freed the kids and called my husband. It was finally over. He felt appropriately bad for not checking on us the night before. When he came home from work we wanted to see if he could have unlocked the door. Of course he jimmied the lock in less than a minute. But that's why I married him, because of his street smarts.

It was a happy ending to a strange adventure.



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