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Monday, April 25, 2005

Fulfillment as an at home mom

Ok, so lets be honest, staying home with toddlers can be brain numbing. The lack of adult conversation, the lack of an affirming paycheck, the inability to get anything substantial done. It can be difficult to see the payoff, because the gains come slowly. We wouldn't trade it for the world, but does it get better?

Now that my kids are school age and I'm homeschooling, motherhood is so much more interesting. I am learning so much right along with them. And the boys are old enough to converse with me, make witty jokes, reminisce and provide the fellowship that was lacking in their pre-verbal days.

You may be wondering why I would send them back to school next year (which I am considering). The answer is that I long for the routine of the school day. I also look forward to the break from the kids. My husband is young, like me, and trying to provide the best he can, which means he can't always give me much of a break. On the flip side I worry about the bad behaviors of classmates and the teacher student ratio which will go way up -ha ha. I may very well homeschool again in the future, but it will be fun to try a year off.

I'm getting off subject here, which is finding fulfillment as an at home mom. I am a strong proponant of at-home moms, but even I struggle with the thought of how I could bring in a little money (and personal satisfaction). This is probably hard-wired in us, since days of old when women would weave baskets, sew quilts, or like the Proverbs 31 woman: plant a vinyard. I don't have the answer to that, but as my husband and I are about to buy our first home- a real fixer upper, I look forward to working on the home which - when you think about it - i s the perfect job for an at home mother.

Finally, I'd like to describe the volunteer work that I have always wanted to do and maybe when my kids are grown I will get to do... Do you ever drop your clothes off at a charity bin? Do you know what happens to those clothes? As far as I know they are often sent out of the community and either recycled or resold at a ridiculously high price (in my opinion). What a waste of a ministering opportunity! Someday I will open up a little storefront where donated clothes are sorted and given away for free. The volunteers who sort the clothes will have first pick. Monetary donations will be accepted to pay for rent/maintenance. I also thought about putting in washer and dryers so that all clothes will be clean. I'm not sure how feasable that is. I do know that there is such a large amount of donated clothes that the turnaround would probably be quite fast and it would fill a need in the community.


  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Me said…

    I read your blog about birth control ect.Me personaly don't see the harm in the school system teaching both male and female students about sex.The's days teenage children don't have the parenting they really need so when the school does make an effort to teach them what the possibilities of having unprotected sex ect.When it comes down to it there is nothing wrong with it.


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