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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Feeling like a failure and then...

Sometimes, as a mother, you feel like a failure and then your kids will say or do something to remind you that you aren't. Case in point: me. Lately I've been feeling like a failure as a parent. Particularly when the kids don't stay on schedule and when I clean the house all day and just barely keep up with it. I think to myself that I should be delegating more responsibilities. After all, what kind of adults am I creating if they can't clean up after themselves? And sometimes they can be so disrespectful and foul mouthed and I think "These kids would be taught better morals in public school then here. What was I thinking when I thought I could do better?"

So that was my mindset the other day when I started singing "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world..." and my oldest son said to me, "You used to sing that to me whenever I cried. I remember you rocking me in the rocking chair and singing it to me". I only have vague memories of that myself and I was honored that he remembered that. So obviously I did something right. And maybe that was God's way of encouraging me when I needed it.

I heard a great analogy for parenthood once. It's like football. You don't always score touchdowns but every day you're moving them down the field. Forgive me for elaborating if it's obvious to you, but think about it: Your kids don't acheive huge milestones every day (the touchdown), like taking a first step, learning to read, starting a first job. But your goal, as a parent, is just to "move them down the field" ie. practicing balancing, learning letter sounds, doing their chores.

"Great is Jehovah! Greatly praise him! His greatness is beyond discovery. Let each generation tell its children what glorious things he does." Psalm 145:3-4


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