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Friday, April 29, 2005

"Diversity promotion" in public schools/WIC

Today I'd just like to comment on two news stories in the paper. The first is a big local story aboout a Lexington man who was arrested when he wouldn't leave his son's elementary school.
"the dispute arose because they asked school officials to notify them about classroom discussions about same-sex marriage and what they called other adult themes. They also wanted the option to exclude their boy, now 6, from those talks. Parker said he met with school officials to gain those assurances and then refused to leave until he got them. "

Obviously the school was in the wrong there, as even the state governor said: "Schools under our parental notification law are required to inform parents... of matters relating to human sexuality that may be taught in the classroom and to allow that child to be out of the clasroom for the p eriod of the education."

I heard a good point on the radio. The man said that the issue of 'what constitutes a family' is a belief system and in todays society it is apparently OK to teach children about that belief system, but you cannot talk about the belief system of the Christian faith in public schools. Very interesting and true.

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The other story is a national one: "Nutrition Panel suggests updating WIC offerings". I say a hearty "Amen" to that one! I was on WIC for several years. (WIC stands for "women, infants, children". It's a food voucher program that helps ensure nutrition among the poor. It's a great "preventative program"). By the time I got off of WIC I was really frustrated by the unhealthy foods provided through the program. It gives you lots of juice, milk, cheese, peanut butter (but not low fat!), eggs, cereal. Juice really isn't all that good for you. Milk isn't that good for you either despite what the dairy farmers pay millions of dollars to convince you to believe. Peanut butter contains hydrogenated fats, and the cereal gets boring, so after a while you're stuck with cupboards full of it. So basically the only thing I approve of is the eggs.

"The recommendations were cutting juice allowances in favor of fresh produce and expanding selection to allow yogurt, tofu or soy in place of milk. "

I hope the that the recommendations are taken seriously and changes are made.

The amount of milk they give you at WIC is ridiculous. 80% of the world is lactose intolerant (keeping in mind that that includes China's huge population). My husband is one of them. It's kind of silly the way Americans sometimes go about life thinking they know what's best for everyone. OK, that sounded very harsh, (I am pro-American) but I have a funny -and sad- story about this subject... When my husband was a little boy, his family narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Communist Cambodian government (one of the most horrific cases of genocide in the history of the world). His family was transported out of a refugee camp on their way to America on a bus to the airport. The funny and sad part of the story is that they rode several hours (days?) on this cramped bus with no bathrooms and the well meaning Americans fed them boxes of milk and cookies (made with milk). If you aren't lactose intolerant I will spare you the details, but lets just say it's not pretty.


  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger markrmorris2 said…

    To the first: Yet another reason that, God willing, my children will never see the inside of a government run classroom!


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